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o     Developed program evaluation techniques, a case review system, and a
clearinghouse for the management of all training projects and

C.    Costs, Benefits, and Effectiveness

Trainees Served: 13,580 trainees were served under 345 project grants in
FY 1984. Analysis of costs by type of training (see E. below) is shown

Average Federal

Number of                                                       Total  Grant              Cost Per

Trainees               Typeof Training                 Amounts                 Trainee

3,175                    Long-term                      $16,380,000               $5,128

1,925                    Continuing                        2,240,000                 1,106

8,400                     Inservice                          2,800,000                     333

80                    Experimental                         580,000                 7,250

Program Scope: Program serves all skills and professions relating to
vocational rehabilitation of the handicapped.

Types of Benefits Provided: This program is used for a wide variety of
training including long-term training in all professional rehabilitation
fields; short-term training, such as workshops, seminars, institutes,
etc.; in-service training and continuing education; and experimental or
innovative training projects.

Program Effectiveness: Third-party validation of overall program was not
completed.A contract in 1984 was initiated to both evaluate the effec-
tiveness of the training program and to provide manpower needs data in
order to allocate training funds on the basis of objective information
on shortages and needs. Each training project has a self-or third-party
evaluation component.

D.    Plans for Program Improvement and Recommendations for Legislation

The Department will continue to allocate funds to manpower shortage
areas. In order to meet the legislative mandate to allocate training
funds on the basis of documented manpower needs, a contract was awarded
in FY 1984 to help provide these data.

E.    Supporting Studies and Analyses Cited in Section C Above

Analysis of Grantee Applications, Rehabilitation Services Administra-
tion, 1983. People by the Vocational Rehab-